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Data security startup was not able to scale up engineering hiring in the US and meet the customer requirements in the timely fashion. They wanted an engineering center in India that will deliver things faster. Two years later they have an engineering center that has twenty five engineers and the company has raised multiple rounds of funds because of the fast and quality delivery of the product.

The startup has C/C++, java, Linux Kernel, Spring, QE automation, Customer Success and some great engineering leads that are taking the company forever onto the next level.

For twenty five engineers the company’s total expenditure in India works to be about $1.5 Million Per year approximately including all expenses. This would easily be about $5M+ in the US staffing.

But more importantly it is the quality of the engineering work, the patents and the customer success that has been just outstanding for the growth of the startup. The startup has successfully raised the next rounds of funding with ease.

The money from the new rounds has been invested in sales, marketing, customer engineering in the US to grow the company forward and accelerate the market penetration.