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Let us help you get 10x more value for money in software engineering work

What is the start-up challenge?

One of the early stage challenges is to get more engineering resources at quicker turnaround time and reasonable prices. Early stage start-ups need to feel confident about the hire and get more done at reasonable cost.

Have we done this before?

Cognate bring you a strong team of Senior Consultants experienced in doing this for the last fifteen years. We have built new start-ups, raised money and hosted small and large engineering centers in India.

Which areas we can help?

We can get you started by providing you highly skilled Individual contributors or you can take advantage of handpicked Dev teams, QE teams, DevOps teams, High specialized engineering resources. These are the best engineers that India has to offer.

What difference does it make to your startup?

Most US startup companies that have invested in a highly specialized Indian engineering team has reaped good benefits. Very often the productivity and contribution has been 10x in comparison of the cost one spends in the US. Also, more work gets done in every 24-hour period.

Please give concrete examples of the technology areas that the engineers have good expertise on?

DevOps (AWS, Linux, python), Big Data Admins and Developers, C/C++ engineers, Java Developers, Full stack React, Angular, Nodejs developers, System administrators, QE automation and functional test engineers.